Featuring this time, is “Chicken Licken”. I’m currently working on a new piece, which I expect to be done by next week. Yay, chicken!😂 It’s pretty much a sketch. I used chalk pastel, graphite pencils and charcoal, and added some texture to it (the grain), but the original piece is somewhere within the post. Enjoy!

So I wrote this sometime last year, then bumped into it the other day and thought it would make a worthy reflection of the “Love versus Lust” post. (http://www.artsploring.com/love-versus-lust/). Well, it’s something close to a poem…and a monologue, at the same time. I’m not sure where to classify it. But it’s pretty much a battle fought by the voices in my head (those guys are the best!) Okay, so here goes:


What if I told you I love you?

Would your heart melt at the tone of my voice, or would it stiffen like stone, turn pale and purple, and turn away?

Would you dance to the beat of my sincerity or come up with this…whole concoction of dissonance?

Would you love me back as much as I do you, or jazzingly jazz my heart and play it like a toy?

What if?

Would you glady ruin my reputation and leave with a smug on your face?

Would you love me like your life depended on it? Like a pest.

Would you simply…let it be.

Sit back and watch the scene proceed, and anticipate a definite downfall?


What. If.

Perhaps I should forever hold my peace.

Perhaps the feelings will exeunt.

But this, this is NOT, a play!

This, my dear, is love. A principle.


It’s not going anywhere.

But, you are! And maybe this might just be the perfect opportunity to call this “thing” I have for you, a wrap.

An end.

But again, they say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”

And I say, “You are not the first. They all come and go. I, am the only constant”

Perhaps neither of us is ready to be entitled a “lover”

Perhaps things will remain constant between us too.


Because I did not have the guts to let the matter be known to you.

That I love you.