“You can buy whatever hat you want”,

Said the vendor

“The round, bland, pointy one.
The options are endless”

The round protects from round sun, 
and the bland from bland sun,
and the pointy, pointy sun.

But in a store of infinite hats,
You can only pick one.

In fact, you don’t have to pick
but only so does the fool
who turns his head away
and averts his eyes
resulting in all kinds of sunburn

while the round only gets round burn
and the bland, only bland burn
and the pointy, pointy burn.

There is, however, a right hat
which protects from all sun,
and gets no sunburn

but this here is the trick
because the round think round hats are right,
and the bland think bland hats are right,
and the pointy, pointy

so they all get sunburn
even the fool
who does not choose a hat

But Mr. Vendor sir, I ask
Which hat do you wear?
And he mumbled an excuse of confusion, fear and ignorance.

-Malaika Kironde