(Did you know that one of the common Maasai greeting terms is pronounced “sobah”? [Not sure how it is written] Good. Now you know. Your welcome!) 

Another yet baffling thought. Social drugs. Why is it that people believe that the greatest successes and fun moments are only made better when intoxicating liquor is part of the plan? People turn memorable moments to instances in their lives which they can barely puzzle up by the time the hangover hits the next morning. 
When a few others can hold a visual reminder of what happened last night and tell you what you did, if it’s not feelings of guilt, or remorse…or denial, it’s probably a “well, life happens” kind of response that you have. Funny part is, tomorrow night and the one after, will be spent delving into the same ritual.
I mean, I get it. Life is hard, sometimes a bit too real, maybe even unbearable. I don’t know! And you feel like the only way to seize the “happy hour”, is…if you’re (practically) not living in it. It’s as if you’ve pressed the pause button onto your problems (“fingers crossed, they’ll probably be history tomorrow”) and just disappointingly wake to the very same issues the next morning which, God forbid, have just grown a tad worse.
More so, sometimes it’s not even life that is unbearable. It is, however, a response to boredom. Or “fun”. As far as I’m concerned, there’s always a next best alternative to self harm. (Yup. It’s practically self-harm. The sooner you realise it, the better). 

Broadcast tone: I speak for the Liver (echo: liver) and the Kidneys (echo: kid-knees) and the oesophagus (echo: fay-gas [X3]), and the dying Power Houses inside (echo: cells). I propose a toast to health, and long living and vivid memories. A toast to reality and authenticity. A toast to sobriety.

Take it, or leave it.

Just so you know, I’m still wondering why it is that sobriety is least preferred in such instances. I’m genuinely very curious. And disturbed. I appreciate any contribution. I might be missing some link in my observation here. (Just drop it in the comments below).πŸ€” But, what I think is this. If people can find a way to have fun and at the same time, live in the moment, that would just be so wonderful!

Painting is a watercolor piece that I did some time back. I just happened to see it hanging somewhere, and it made me so happy! It’s a reference piece to an artist whose name I don’t know unfortunately. I really like the memory that comes along with it though😊