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Just Do It!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure“. I have always looked upon these lines written by Marianne Williamson as some form of a boost to getting out of […]

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Being the first of my kind, let’s have a little “laugh”, shall we? I personally found what I’m about to say quite fascinating. Funny or ridiculous though it be, it’s really cool! Music is an art of its own kind. […]

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True Beau'(ty)

Diary Entry; Dated 17/08/2016 “So during our worship service today, the Kajiado girls presented a song in their mother tongue, Maasai, I suppose. One thing for sure is that I really did not understand the lyrics to the song, however, […]

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Notes on a Door

As a study, I did one of John Lovett‘s buildings in water color. His piece goes by the name “Notes on a Door” (you should check out the actual piece. It’s bolder); inspired by a doorway to an ancient church […]

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EmotiFace? Well, I like making up my own words. The painting you’re looking at was one of my first water color attempts – an experiment, rather – done earlier this year. I cannot say it was an amazing piece, but it […]

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Black Girl Magic

The Black Woman has in the longest time been susceptible to abuse and ridicule from people around her. She has been undermined, turned down, misunderstood and has been made to feel unimportant. This however is not the case. The Black […]

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Engineering on the Move

“Leftsy and I are planted on the ground The day has just began; we’re on the move. But wait. Don’t you just hate when you trip and someone says, “Simple, one foot in front of the other”. Well, it’s not […]

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