Dressed in the elegance,

of vibrant hues,

of bright beams of sunshine,

lining your sides,

of taupe freckles,

of aesthetic design.


Mother Nature wouldn’t have liked it otherwise;

to you was granted the skill,

and the fertility,

and the ubiquity,

and the affordability.

To you, my love, was granted the me.



the atmospheric forces

will forever keep me

grounded, gravitated

to the thought of never letting you go,

to the thought of always coming home to you.


For your soothing scent,

is heaven sent,

and your aura, authentic;

filled with cheer above all odds,

a part signature in my existence,

a covenant to last a lifetime…and beyond.

‘Tis my lady in yellow.


Featured painting second in the “Blue Mountain” series. Enjoyed working on it; quite tasking, but very much enjoyable. Second delivery in progress!