(Here’s to  my most genuine of sketches. Media – Charcoal. I really like it๐Ÿ˜…)

So guys, I thought that maybe…maybe it’s about time I come out of the closet and let the matter be known to you. Without much ado, I’ll hop right into it.

Hmph, okay. Here goes. I am…a thief.๐Ÿ˜†

Okay, well, not exactly. That is more of a historical part of me. It would be right to say I USED to be a thief. It all began when I was much younger, actually. I remember picking out coins from the family’s change basket, rather inconspicuously. Then I would spend part of it on Fridays to buy myself some ice cream because Mama wouldn’t do the purchase for me in fear that I would get tonsillitis. (To my defense, the sun was always ridiculously hot on Fridays. And it practically was more of a play day than a school day, so you can imagine how much roasting we underwent. A little ice cream wouldn’t be such a bad idea, right?) I was quite a sickly child already, so I cannot blame her. She had all the reasons to worry. When I was out of money though, I would also steal (that word sounds awful right now). I pilfered the Mr. Berry or P.K. chewing gums from the supermarket. I was once caught by a stranger, and it wasn’t the best experience. Fortunately or not, I was never really caught by my parents. I must have been a very slick child. Oh, but if I was ever caught, I’d probably receive a healthful beating. Thing is, I probably felt that stealing sugar in the kitchen was not a task hard enough, perhaps I would probably get away with that so much more easily. I went for the challenging posts. Was pretty good at the game, by the way.

I also stole lotion once, but I couldn’t come to terms with myself. Guilt is real. Kindly note, I never stole directly from people. I remember one of my classmates in Grade 1 who was in the process to steal my groundnuts…when they all just poured out. Such a shame. We all saw it happen. And for someone with “Faith” as her name, I bet if she had any of it at that moment she situation wouldn’t be so shameful.

Now moving on to the latest…incident. I stole a poem. I feel like it’s one of those sins so hard to forgive. Stealing a piece of Art! Who does that? But trust me you, it was for all the good reasons, and I was doing it for a good cause. About two years ago, we had a Verse Speaking competition in school, and each House (red, green, blue and yellow) had to produce entrants who had composed their own poems. However, the person we appointed for the part had not written a poem even to the day of the competition. How unfortunate.

But, hey. Sarah to the rescue! Illegal though it may  have been.

I had come across this amazing poem a few weeks before the competition, and the hoarder in me just thought, “I should totally learn this poem!” Which I did. Maybe not entirely but I had learnt a chunk of it already. Long story short, I presented the poem on behalf of the team, forgot some lines in the process (served me right) but it pretty much turned out fine. So I just want to share this poem with you. I really love it, and I bet you will too! And in this same spirit of confession, I also want to send my sincere apologies to Big Brother Fortune for stealing his poem.๐Ÿ˜„

STOP FAKING THE SMILE, a poem by Fortunatus Ekklesiah

I walk into an outcast old hut
To find a fat guardian chomping
And a skinny child yawning
All smiling to fancy the murk
So I say to each one in turn
About the smile I call black
“Stop faking the Smile!”

To the Guardian first;

Stop faking the smile
When you are roaring inside
Glutting on the little rice
Mama left for the child

Stop faking the smile
And singing carols on twilight
When the labor you have given
Is lesser the rice you have eaten

Stop faking the smile
And caressing your fat belly
With a starving child beside
Salivating for a red strawberry

So stop faking that smile
Cause it canโ€™t last a while
When your eyes betray your heart
Provoking war with the light

Then to the starving child;

Stop faking the smile
For it doesn’t look good on you
With your skinny and withered look
It only darkens your blues

Stop faking the smile
Cause it canโ€™t last a while
Your eyes betray your heart
Unveiling groans of being hurt

Stop faking the smile
When the boil is ripening
For it’ll stink and feed flies
When the rotten pus is oozing

So stop faking that smile
Cause despondency calls sympathy
From a feeble but ruthless child
To act in the name of Liberty