I’d love to think I love the night. Especially when there’s a stronger element of safety compared to, you know, everything “unsafe”.
I don’t necessarily like the dark, but it suits my preference. The night is almost always quiet, uninterrupted. It’s a time I know I can always take myself on a date. No duty calls, majorly procrastination, but I’m pretty good at that now. I can procrastinate the effect of procrastination, not that it makes the situation any better, but, it seems to “work”.

Dilemma though. I love the night, but I also love my sleep. I want to dance with the stars and at the same time dream away, in hopes that I’ll remember the dream the next morning so I can have something to talk about over tea. Oh, and also, I want to feed into my imagination, get creative and paint and listen to music, instead of completing my overdue Chemistry assignment (I’m not proud of it. To my defence, Chemistry had the whole DAY to deal with me).

(It’s almost 2 am as a write this down, and honestly I have no idea where this is going as I speak now. I want to sleep.)

Conflict: Google has mentioned multiple times that due to my weird sleeping habits, I’ll be cranky tomorrow, and God forbid, I’m at a higher risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, mess up my immunity and memory, (feel my pimples erupt), and (this one really gets to me) may temper my creativity (sob sob). So, I’m baffled really. I’m most creative at night (note, this might be a lie), however, it also risks my chance of being creative tomorrow. It doesn’t make any sense!

So, I thought to myself (I’m still thinking about it) and figured that I should try out being an early bird. Truth be told, it’s a lot of work and it takes quite a lot of energy to get out of bed. This is when my sleep becomes so much more of a priority compared to the hours before bed filled with procrastination, and it’s not fun. On the brighter side though, early morning, when it’s still dark, those are some other really golden hours. Probably the best to get in tune with yourself, your vision and whatever really matters to you. Better yet, the morning birds give a warning for when the other sleepy heads are about to join you in the “land of the woke”, (those who have woken up) and you know, it’s just a fair trade.

Moral of the story: I have no idea what to do with myself. And the night. Or the morning. Night owl, early bird? What am I? 🤔

🙋Featured image, is one that I did recently for a charity auction. In my head, it feels like an “ant war”. This painting though was also quite different, considering the fact that colour red has never really been an area I am accustomed to, but, it didn’t hurt to try. Has it made me like it any better? Not exactly, but I’m proud of myself for doing it anyway. I loved the texture on it though. (Next time I’ll be sure to get close-ups)