What are friends for anyway?

What are toxic friends like?

What is friendship really all about?

Some say it’s about giving, and being willing to receive. Being a constant shoulder to lean on. Being loyal. Honest. True. Supportive, and what not.

What happens if you are in a friendship where all you do is give…and not really get anything back in return?
I thought that that is what friends are for. You don’t account for the good that you do and the giving that is done all so selfishly. But then, if you think about it, it’s a process that can be ultimately so draining. All done in the worthy phrase of “that’s what friends are for”. Really though?

I’m actually so confused as to how this is meant to work now that I think about it. I mean, what happens when this selfless endeavour turn out to be entirely driven by underlying selfishness. I mean, selfishness being the core foundation of a relationship. (That’s really messed up!) But, there’s so many friendships out there that fuel on just that, and what’s worse is when one of the two is playing the cards right, and the other is playing dirty…and doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Next thing you know, the sandcastle is washed off by the tide.
I likened such a one-way friendship to be very parasitical. Living in a host organism and all you do is take and never really give. And for some very interesting reason, these people can so tactfully get away with looking and seeming so lovely (which could actually be very true), but the reality is, it’s draining! Just sit back and think about it.

I don’t know. I could be wrong. How do people end up in awful friendships and relationships? How do you pick your friends? But, genuinely speaking, what is friendship all about? What do you think?
For the record though, I have a bunch of friends who I treasure so dearly and are so significant in my life, and I’m honestly so humbled to have such amazing creatures in my circle. You guys are the best!


Then, to the galaxy watercolour painting. My first ever, actually…other than the tryouts before producing the final piece.. It was quite amazing having it “completed”.