Define: To determine with precision; to mark out with distinctness; to ascertain or exhibit clearly or to mark sharply the outlines or limits of an area or concept.

I bet most of you may have come across the question “Who are you” a lot of times. Whether someone posed it to you, or in silent meditation, the thought crossed your mind as you tried to figure yourself out. “Who am I?” (Pauses for dramatic effect.)

I’ve personally done that a bunch of banan…, (no, Sarah). A bunch of times, and I kid you not, it’s one rigorous task. I still haven’t managed to answer it satisfactorily, and I don’t think I intend to do so. Ever.

Here’s why.πŸ’
In reference to what “defining” means, any keen humanoid can tell how much of a dishonour it is to distinctively set out and in your mind who you are as a person. What that does is, it frames and packages your (rather clogged) perspective of who you are in a tiny cuboid, then you end up living the rest of your days in accordance to what you thought you are the day that you defined yourself.

(You get what I mean?)

This definition may at times outline how intelligent you think you are, how compassionate you are, or what sports you can play, the kind of music you listen to, your social skills…your talents and overall capabilities, the list is endless. Having a strictly marked territory of that kind for yourself, prohibits you from going overboard and being more than just that which you think you are. It hinders the progress and growth that could be experienced had you not defined yourself.

However, self definition is not always a bad idea. Some people tend to get back on their feet and have a hold of their identity by putting in some sort of defining for themselves. Sometimes, say, to remind them of what they are capable of after hitting rock bottom or to ignite positive radiance in their lives. So, how far should one go?

(Me: Wow, good question!)

I’ll tell you what I just thought. (I’m thinking now.)

Human. You are a piece of art! Almost like some kind of cosmic force you have inside, that can allow you to stretch and grow in ways that perhaps, you cannot even fathom. But the moment you are hellbent to the current perspective of who you think you are, well, you are not any different from someone running on a treadmill. You won’t move any physical distance, and instead spend your life stuck up in the thoughts of complacency, that “I cannot be anything more than I possibly am right now. This is just who I am, and I cannot do anything about it.” (This statement is honestly SO disgusting.)

So, as I was saying, YOU ARE ART! An art piece is never really complete; an artist just decides to stop where (s)he does, but that doesn’t mean the piece cannot look any more fabulous, or that it cannot accommodate any more detail. If you let yourself grow, setting open-ended “definitions”, you, dear artsplorer, are bound to dwell in constant blossom!

Here’s to being… indefinite? Yeah, something like that. Cheers! πŸ™‹

~On a lighter note, happy new year of survival everyone! It’s already February! Wow. The year took off in a mad sprint. I’ve even stopped trying to catch up. Either way, I hope you’ll push harder this year towards your ambitions.
It’s your year of growth, and let no one tell you otherwise! Make it happen.
Grab the steering wheel already!

You got this! πŸ’ͺ

Also, in regards to the featured image, we had a microscopy class a few weeks ago, and…this happened. Took a few shots that I’ll share you you all, and for the record, it dawned to me that nothing is as simple as it looks. Strive to seek deeper.