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Hygiene Matters


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Do Something : Sexual Assault

(Just go ahead and read it😂)

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Definition. Undefined.

Breaking up with the definitions that hold you back. Time to bloom! You are art!

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Little things

Memories of the little things that make all the difference. Cheers!

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Short narration of diligence and discipline, and a reminder for you to personally strive towards the same.

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What if…?

Featuring this time, is “Chicken Licken”. I’m currently working on a new piece, which I expect to be done by next week. Yay, chicken!😂 It’s pretty much a sketch. I used chalk pastel, graphite pencils and charcoal, and added some […]

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“I cannot fail!”

So it’s about that time of the year where many of us, candidates, are doing whatever we can to save our grades. But there is one problem. A big one, that we have learned to live with. We tolerate it, […]

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True Beau'(ty)

Diary Entry; Dated 17/08/2016 “So during our worship service today, the Kajiado girls presented a song in their mother tongue, Maasai, I suppose. One thing for sure is that I really did not understand the lyrics to the song, however, […]

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Engineering on the Move

“Leftsy and I are planted on the ground The day has just began; we’re on the move. But wait. Don’t you just hate when you trip and someone says, “Simple, one foot in front of the other”. Well, it’s not […]

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