Diary entry: 20th August 2017

After many long days and nights, spiced with craving and itchy fingers, soothed with an occasional dose of banana, I found a little babe in my very own arms. All to myself. And it marked the most magical moment of my entire holiday. Babies occupy such a tirelessly, sensitive part of my small heart.

Alas! Here he is.

This little babe, of whom we’re aging together. Quiet. Still. Awfully cute. Big, clear-white eyes; unsullied and innocent and pure…and true. A tiny, perfectly sculpted nose in the middle of his face. Oh, and his smile; all so priceless and toothless and full, stretching across his chubby face. Such a gentle babe was he.

Then comes his smell. Ah, I die. I die, a second. A sweet cocktail of coconut milk and a rather satisfying bit from mama. Again, his smile. As captivating as an unremitting sunset.

Feet with the length of my pinkie; tiny toes and fingers with some sort of magnetic grip. Skin as smooth as Naaman’s, washed clean from the Jordan. Looking at him there, made it all so clear how “the simplicity of God somehow escapes men”. Imagining the possibilities of what he could grow up to be, and I left the thought at an open arena, because the odds are endless, and so is the ordinary. After all, who am I to define the potential of a brilliant, young man set to conquer the nations, starting with his own little empire.


It has been a pretty long break, I must admit, and it’s good to be back! I read this entry today, for the first time ever since I wrote it on that particular day, and I think I felt a teeny weeny little bit of crazy in my head. It’s interesting, really. Besides that, the featured image this week, is what I’d like to think of as the first in the “Blue Mountain” series. It can be viewed from whichever preferred angle, however, my interpretation of it comes from the vertical perspective. A symbol of global warming and melting icy mountain tops (thus the gold-like, sunny hint of color) . I expect to release the second one in the series soon. Stay tuned!